Project logical editor command

Hi guys.

I want to delete muted events on selected tracks,
In my logical editor i state:
container type equal to track (and)
property -selected (and)
container type is equal to event (and)
propert is set to muted

When I click on delete, nothing happens.

What am i doing wrong pls



I’m using macro to delete muted clips in selection.

Thanks for this. I am aware that if I manually select events that I can delete the muted ones using the macro. I just wanted to setup a process where I select tracks and it would delete muted events on those tracks.
Just curious why my process didn’t work?

Just a hunch, I need to verify this but it should be:
((Track) AND (is Selected)) AND (((Part) OR (Event) AND (is Muted))

@jmuller the following will do this: