Project Logical Editor - Crashes Cubase

Every time I run Cubase PLE (Project Logical Editor) it crashes with any of the following types of settings. This is with latest version of Cubase (Cubase Pro 9.0.20). I have deleted all my preferences and built it from scratch and get the same results of a crash. I have several macros that I use to show only Woodwinds, Vocals, Drums etc that I have used for years that all crash Cubase. Mac OS 10.11.6

Just confirming that Steinberg has verified this is the case on their end too. It happens with only Cubase 9 on all my computers. Doesn’t happen on earlier versions of Cubase.

Seems like it wasn’t fixed with the latest version. So nobody is actually using it anymore? I think it’s a great feature.

I select channels, open editor, select preset(toggle time domain on selected tracks) and apply. Crash everytime. Latest Sierra. Pretty “cool” stuff.

Still crashing for me as well on both Sierra and El Capitan 10.11.6. Seems more to do with the release of Cubase and not the OS.

I can’t reproduce it on Windows. If you say Steinberg has already verified it then that’s a good sign at least.

Thanks for checking this on Windows, I am still personally waiting for Steinberg to verify this for Mac.

I can confirm this on Mac OS. I can consistently replicate this issue by:

  • create empty session
  • create a vst or audio track. (not calling it anything will add 01 to the name)
  • open project logical editor
  • under filter target choose: name → contains → 01
  • under action target choose: Track Operation → Hide Track → Toggle
  • cubase crash immediately.

This only happens with the hide toggle function, not disable or enable.
This doesn’t happen with MIDI tracks.

Cubase 9.0.30, OSX 10.12.6

Thanks in advance for the fix, and for a program I absolutely love!


Bug replicated here on 9.0.30 Mac OS Sierra. Hope it’s fixed in the next update.

It’s a known issue now.

Thankfully this is working again in Cubase 9.5.0

I had have this problem with Cubase 12. Opening Apply Logical Preset or Apply Project Logical Preset 99 times of 100 crashes Cubase.

Without even applying any of the presets?
Have you shared any of your crash/dump files?

Without applying any preset. Just opening preset window and PUFF Cubase is gone.
No dump saved I think. Nothing to send.
Oh. And I’m on MacOs Monterey 12.6.3 and Cubase