Project Logical Editor: Generate Name Predendum / Addendum, Generate Chromatic, Generate A-Z

’Generate Name Addendum’ and 'Generate Name Predendum’

Would add the numerically ordered numbers to existing name.

’Generate Chromatic’ and ‘Generate Chromatic Addendum’ and 'Generate Chromatic Predendum’

Would add letter and number and repeat for extended selections… ie, starting on D#1 for 15 events would end at F#2

Generate A-Z

Would use typical A-Z / Aa-Zz sort

Boy, you are on a roll this morning…!

All of this would be great of course…

Bigger picture with the PLE - it makes you wonder why SB seem to have simply ‘run out of steam’ in developing this underated, most powerful utility of the entire Cubendo app. And abandoned it has been, from a long time ago… maybe since v6.0 or 6.5…?

I’m sure spending a month building in some new parameters/categories, etc, and providing accompanying macros/presets, they could increase the apps usefulness 10-fold…

Yeah, PLE is one of the main reasons I could never switch to another program, it should be one of the most promoted features - people don’t even realize how much of a creative thing it can be.