Project Logical Editor: Load Track Preset targeted by track name!

Title says it all if you use the PLE and know what It can do.

It would be great to be able to load track presets by using track name as the target, so you could (take some time to) select the tracks in your project and have it load the correct track presets by using the track names as the target. ‘DrumSnare’ gets the drumsnare preset, ‘VocalsMain’ get the vocals main preset.

The problem is that internal to Cubase there is no way to include text in macros. There are a couple of threads from folks trying to solve this with 3rd party tools. I’ve gotten it to almost work using Metagrid which can pass text. But I gave up in frustration a couple weeks ago (I’ll return to it) because trying to navigate the Add Preset window was VERY inconsistent. I suspect it functions under the rules of quantum mechanics - here kitty, kitty, kitty.

[broken-record]A scripting language would solve this and many other issues. [/broken-record]

Hmm, not sure exactly what you mean, what do macros have to do with it? You would just add the list of track presets into the PLE, with a ‘Set Track’ Operation.

Hmmm, back at ya. That’s an entirely different approach from what I’ve tried.

I’m executing the ''add track from preset" KC
Then some navigation to get to the search field (this step is not working right yet)
Then text of the preset name & enter

I see, that makes sense.

But yeah I was suggesting they just create an access target or portal to the the track presets list in the PLE itself, and then be able to assign individual track presets to multiple tracks using their names/colours.

Are you saying this can already be done?? :slight_smile:

No. And thinking about it there is a more fundamental limitation in both the PLE & LE that would create a problem trying to implement via PLE. Currently the Logical Editors need to work on something (Track, Part, etc.) that already exists. There is no mechanism for the editors to create something out of nothing. For example, it can duplicate an existing Part, but not create a brand new Part. There have been requests to add a ‘Create New’ capability in the Logical Editors.

This. +1000 +100000

Probably never going to happen. Because Steinberg is thinking like Apple does with IOS. Never let too much customization.

The only way we could see this, is when some update time comes and there’s no significant thing in the update, this could be the last resort.

Please Steinberg, prove me wrong.

It is true.
A search function in Project Logical Editor: Load Track Preset targeted by track name is essential. an update for that?

But the track preset is something that exists, you’ve already created it as a user - it would be in your media browser track presets list which would automatically be indexed into the PLE as list. essentially a mirrored list of track presets already created by you in the program.

Yes, but the problem is there is no viable way to select any specific preset using macros or the PLE. Or at least none that anyone here has been able to figure out.

Basically there are two types of functions that are missing from the Key Command/Macro/PLE world which would open up a bunch of possibilities.

  1. The inability to easily set focus to any window or zone. Even in plain old Key Commands something like “Zoom to Locators” only works if you are already focused on the Project Window. If say your focus is on the Rack section of the MixConsole and you use the Key Command to zoom nothing will happen. Being able to create a macro like this fixes that (but we can’t because the focus can’t be set):
Set Focus to Project Window
Zoom to Locators
  1. The inability to include regular Text within Macros creates a lot of limitations. For example you can’t create a macro to search for “The Coolest Patch Ever.vstpreset” because you can’t include the search string.

I think I am suggesting what you are saying doesn’t exist :smiley:

we need a parameter to memorize or select a pathname or a folder

How do you mean?

sorry i use google translate beacause i don’t speak english.

imagine that I have the vsti kontakt. I load bank X.
I export the track as an archive.
so I can create track presets with send or insert effects. I then want to reload this bank with the settings.
so I can create presets for each bank of sounds. then I can recall them by the logical edit project. I use a touch interface for cubase. (Cubazen). in the next version there will be preset track recallable by a button. but it can only work if you can memorize pathnames.

Can you do that in your application?

not on the archive track.
but on preset tracks, we can do it …
there is a demo version of the CUBAZEN app. browser preset track works to reload a preset

I meant, can you save the file paths or text strings inside your application rather than depending on Cubase?

In my opinion, this is what you must do. Otherwise, even if the Cubase devs implement the request being discussed here, its method could change later, and your application, Cubazen, would be broken.