Project Logical Editor - Need Multiple Functions in Series: Select-->Transform

It would be great if the functions could be customized to succeed one another, so that things can first be target selected, and then the transform function can be completed.

I just realized I could probably do this by stacking PLE macro hotkeys, but it simplifies to be able to do it within one operation maybe.

Similar to how the Input Transformer has 4 separate modules

You could also have the PLE preset run a macro that in turn runs runs another PLE preset, which in turn runs a macro that walks your dog. YMMV, of course, especially depending on your dog,or lack thereof. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also,chaining like this will depend on what functions you use- macros are called without pauses, so be aware.

Yes that is what I was realizing I could do in my 2nd post.

Ah- I thought you meant actually hitting multiple hotkeys in sequence… And the dog too??

Working on it