Project Logical Editor problem

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I’m trying to execute a simple hide command (see attachement) with instrument rack outputs - without success. Output tracks that are hidden, should become visible with this command. However, some tracks become visible, others only when those who can become visible, are visible. Otherwise nothing will happen.

Is this a general bug? I didn’t have this problem in Cubase 9.5. Steinberg support doesn’t answer.

Many thanks in advance!


Which tracks become visible, please? Which don’t?

Be aware, the Audio Return Channels are an Automation tracks in fact.

This is not the Logical Editor, it’s the Project Logical Editor. See The two Logical Editors in Cubase

As Martin indicated, a track is not necessarily a channel.

Can you show the same Project Logical Editor preset in Cubase 9.5, to make sure they really are the same?

Also, a suggestion, use the Windows built-in snip tool to create your screen shots. It takes less time and is more legible.

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Thanks for your reply.
Sry for confunsing. Some channels become visible, others won’t.

As shown in image 1, if i hit Apply, the “VST Instruments” folder should appear, it contains channel “1Keys Play1” . Unfortunately nothing happens unless I expand the “VST Instruments” folder in the visibility tab. (Image 2). On the other hand, this command works with other channels. It works with “4Keys Play4”, “5Keys Play5”, … but not with the next one and so on. It works randomly.

Excact same command in Cubase 9.5. It worked for years.

Thanks for help.


I see, this is something different.

1st, VST Instruments is a Folder, not a Track.

2nd it’s a special kind of folder.

3rd if the folder is collapsed, the children are not scanned by PLE.

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Thanks for your reply,

Since the command works with other channels and works perfectly in cubase 9.5, I assume that PLE is scanning collapsed folders?


Thanks! That one has had me confused for a while.