Project Logical Editor to de-select tracks?

Hi peoples,

Could anyone tell me if there’s a way to de-select a track (or multiple tracks) using the PLE?

I’ve built a macro using a PLE function, but it’s not working properly if a track is already selected before i run it. Because the function itselfs selects tracks, but i have no way of telling it to first de-select all tracks.

If i do it manually (de-select all tracks) first, the Macro runs as desired.

But i’m thinking there must be a way to build it into the script so that it first de-selects all tracks, then does the rest.

Any ideas?

Thanks! … J

Can you use the Select None command in the macro first?

Nope, that de-selects midi or audio objects, midi events etc., but doesn’t de-select tracks!

I would imagine this is a problem that people come up against all the time: the fact that selecting something with the PLE only adds that selection to what’s already selected! I’m sure there’s a way around it. I’m probably just doing something dumb-ass in the PLE!

I’ve just done a very cumbersome “Deselect PLE”… but It works…
(because it doesn’t allow the opposite of “All Types”, I had to do a line for each track class, with “Unequal”, and “Select” as Function…
Deselect All.jpg
(there are more lines than are visible in the screenshot :wink: )

Another way might be to create a dummy track with a unique name. Then a PLE to search and select that, and other tracks will deselect.

Then create a macro calling that preset, then the preset you were talking about. Work?

Yeah, but then you have that dummy track selected along with your macro!

What about this: create a macro that creates a dummy track, then deletes it straight away again!

Voilà, no track selected!

Would that work??!!

So did it?

I don’t know!

Gonna give it a try later (gotta pick up the kids from school now!)

Best solution is vic uploads his preset, and we buy him beer. Well, wine maybe.

Beer first… wine later :wink:

OK… get the bar open…
(preparing the upload (I think it has to be zipped) :wink: )…
De-Select All (1.02 KB)
Let me know if it works of for you (otherwise we’ll have to change that “wine” into “whine” :stuck_out_tongue: )

Works here. Can’t complain. Add it to my account, next time I’m in your neck of the bois I’ll pay up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great! :wink: I’ll get the olives and chips ready :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, so just to be clear, that preset you uploaded doesn’t de-select tracks, just everything else, right?

Hm… Judging by the name of the preset…

Ok, so i worked out a keyboard shortcut (via a macro) for de-selecting all tracks, and that is:

  1. create folder track (this newly created track is then the only selected track)
  2. PLE function that hides not selected tracks (so, only folder track is left visible)
  3. Delete track (folder track is deleted)

The end state of this macro is that no tracks are either selected or visible!

But the problem is i’m trying to build a macro that starts with a certain number of tracks visible but not selected, so this doesn’t help me!

But actually it’s a useful function anyway as there isn’t any option to “hide all tracks” in the leftside visibility window.

So anyway, what i’ll need to do is to first run this macro manually to deselect all, then call up the desired visibility config (none of whose tracks will be selected), then i can run my original macro (to solo all channels in a particular vi config).


Ok, but it doesn’t work for me!

It doesn’t deselect any tracks for me!

What am i doing wrong!?

Maybe there’s a misunderstanding here: what it does do is, for example, de-select a midi object on a midi track and an audio object on an audio track.

But it doesn’t deselect the track itself…you know, the left hand bar where you solo, mute, read, write, where you see the name of the track…if that’s selected, it stays selected. That’s what i’m trying to de-select, the track itself, not the contents of the track!

Now I’m the one who doesn’t understand… Did you download the the preset above and place it in your PLE presets folder?

See this video:

At the beginning of the film, the track named “Audio 01” is grey, so, selected.

On that track, and also on the track Midi 01, there are also objects selected.

I run the function.

The end state is the objects have been de-selected, but the “Audio 01” track is still selected (grey).

You getting me now?


I think I see what’s going on- at least one track is needed that can be selected, I guess, so I added a ruler track, an inert do-nothing lazy track.

Now it works.

Edit, coming back on this…