Project Logical Editor Visibility Help

I’m struggling to figure this one out. I made project logical editor presets to show my track folders so that I can quickly view sets of tracks such as strings, brass, WW, etc. This works great. But when composing, I’ll often map my cues out on a piano (or other instruments). So I’d like to be able to show tracks with data along with my filtered strings or WW etc. Is this possible?

I’m using the following syntax in the editor:
(Container Type = Folder Track --and — Name contains not “Folder I want to see”)
Track Operation -Hide Track- Enable

Right now, I have things organized in folder tracks and filter by folder track name. But I can certainly change things if needed.

Any ideas or even links to past discussions would be greatly appreciated. I’m having trouble digging up the right information.

Yes, this can be done.

If you’re on Cubase 12, use the post process function, earlier versions, create a macro that runs the PLE preset, and then the Show Tracks With Data (or maybe it’s called Show Used Tracks>command.


You might find this technique useful

Thanks for your reply. This didn’t quite do what I’m looking for. Or maybe it’s a user error on my side. It seems like this shows all the tracks with data but won’t show the midi tracks in the folder without data. So take strings for example. I hoping to see all of the midi tracks in my strings folder plus any other tracks with data on them.

Currently, if I wanted to see my string tracks, I’m using a Macro to show all the tracks, apply the PLE preset that I mentioned (to filter out all the other tracks except the ones in my strings folder), then open the string folder. This gives me all of my string tracks (with or without midi data) so that I can work only with that section. But I actually really need to see the string section plus the tracks with data.

I am not that experienced with the syntax but I believe I have to write in the correct syntax to hide everything except my tracks in my string folder and my tracks with data but I can’t seem to figure out how to do it.