Project Logical Editor


So I am venturing into the use of the PLE and can’t believe I have never known of it’s power before. Saying that, I know very little of how to use it and have been staring at the manual getting my brain in a state of confusion.

Are there any tutorials on how to use the PLE? I bought the Cubase 7.5 MacProvideo 101 Tutorial as it had a chapter on it but it just turned out to be a 5min video showing the Presets.

What I want to be able to do is to be able to navigate around a 400+ (and growing) Cubase Template. I want to be able to have a grid of Buttons, on my iPad using Lemur, that all Show/Hide Open/Close specific Folders and Tracks. For example, I want a button for master folder “STRINGS” that when I press it, all other Folders Hide and only the STRINGS Folder stays visible and all content in the STRINGS folder Show. Then When I press BRASS, the only thing to show in the Project window is BRASS, all off it’s contents and obviously the Strings would have hidden. This is a very basic description of what I want to do (I will obviously want buttons to control visibility of VIs by Developers, by Sections, etc etc but starting with the basics is important) but I am struggling with a few things. I think I have to create a PLE command that shows the STRINGS folder. Then I have to create a PLE command that hides all other names than STRINGS. Then I think I have to create a Macro under Key Commands in Cubase. Then I get a bit lost (or am I already?) haha!

Once I learn how to make all of these Macros/Key Commands/ PLE commands and test to see they work by assigning to my CMC-PD I will then be on a quest to learn how to build the grid in Lemur but I think that’s for after I nail this first part

Thanks for anyone’s help.


If I am understanding correctly, the following will do what I think you want… but you will have to create a macro for each Folder Track.
The idea is a macro, containing two Project Logical Editor Presets… the first one Hides everything, and the second one opens the desired folder.
Create the “HIDE ALL” PLE Preset, like this…
(Let’s use BRASS" for this example)…

Create the “Show BRASS” PLE Preset, like this…
Now create the Macro for it, like this…

  1. New Macro (name it)
  2. Select “HIDE ALL” from the Key commands hierarchy “Process Project Logical Editor”.
  3. “Add Command”
  4. Select “Show BRASS” from the Key commands hierarchy “Process Project Logical Editor”.
  5. “Add Command”
    Close then re-open the Key Commands window
    You can now assign a key command to that macro.

Repeat all the above (except that “HIDE ALL” is already created now :wink: ), for the other folder tracks.

Thank you for your answer. I am struggling a little with this TBH. I have no previous programming experience and don’t really understand the boolean And/Or. Are there any good tutorials on how to use this beast?

I have manged to make PLE Commands to hide a folder and then Show the folder and have it toggle. I have a long way to go! :slight_smile:

Well, it reads like you are making a good start :wink:

I’d recommend trying on a very simple Test Template, with, maybe just two folder tracks, and using the PLE presets and the macro I did above.
let us know if you need any further help with any of that so far :wink:.

As regards Boolean logic, well, you could always start with Google :wink: (there’s lots… just keep searching until you find an article that appeals to you… it really is at its most basic level in Cubase’s Logical Editor :wink: ).
The result of a Boolean expression is either “true” or “false” (and nowhere in between), so, when using “AND”, both parts of the expression have to be true, to pass the test.
For example…
If “2x2=4” AND “2x3=6” then “have a beer”… you get a beer.
If “2x2=4” AND “2x3=7” then “have a beer”… you don’t get a beer. :wink:
Same if there are more than two parts in an “AND” expression… if any one of them isn’t “true” then the test fails.
Same when all the parts are “OR”… if any of the parts is “true”, then the test passes.
It is a bit more complicated (for our poor human brains) with mixed “AND” and “OR” expressions… but becomes a lot easier when you consider that it tests from left to right, and the result is always either “false” (in which case the test has already failed, no need to test anything else), or it is “true”… so far… so it will then test that result against the next part, and so on (but see “parentheses”, a bit further down this post :wink: )…
If “2x2=4” OR “2x3=7” AND “2x4=8”… do you get a beer?.. Yes, because the result of the first pair is true (so far), and remains true when continuing the next part.
If “2x2=4” AND “2x3=7” OR “2x4=8”… no beer for you, because the first part of the test fails.
But this is where parentheses come into play… anything inside parentheses is calculated first and then considered to be a single part…
If “2x2=4” AND (“2x3=7” OR “2x4=8”)… you get your beer :wink:
(You’ll probably need one after reading that :stuck_out_tongue: )

Amazing. Thank you for explaining this. I am determined to get to grips with the PLE. The days of using Cubase as a glorified Tape Machine are over! :wink:

No doubt I shall be back with some burning questions but a little bit of reading is due first!