Project management: Collect all files and save?


Please pardon my ignorance but I couldnt find a command to collect all files used in the project and save them into one location. Does it exist? I’m sure it does I just cant figure out where/how.

I’ll explain my issue better… I’ve got macros to do resampling (export selected audio + re-import to new track) for me but as I’ve come to notice the export dialog in Cubase defaults to the location of the latest bounce and as I’m also exporting some tracks in a traditional way too (ie. not just to re-import them back to the project), my file management is becoming a mess because I never remember to reset the export dialog location.

So, what I’d like to do is quickly save all files used in the project into one place (ie the project audio folder created by cubase where every hd recording, edit, freeze etc gets saved). As it stands, my projects probably have references to bounced files in different locations in my HD which is bound to lead to a ‘missing files’ -dilemma later on down the line.


There’s save project to new folder to create a copy of project with all it’s audio.
AFAIK There is no way to consolidate files to an existing project folder.

EDIT…Apologies, posting tired and getting it wrong :blush:

Should have said “Backup project” to new folder as others have advised!

Hi Grim, Thanks!

Sounds a little bit quirky but I’ll try. Would seem easiest just to consolidate but if that’s the workaround, I’ll be glad to use it.

In the Pool you can “Prepare archive”. This copies all external files to the Audio directory. Or you can “Back up project” on the “Files” menu. It’s in the manual, page 60.

flexionmusic thanks so much for pointing that out! (opening the manual now)

The only real solution is the backup project as mentioned…

I wish there was instead a feature to pull the audio files to the current directory rather than making a fresh backup, for two reasons.

1 I wont end up with multiple folders on my hd of the same project

2 I can keep all exsisting files right where they are which keeps a whole slew of optional programs and effects happy depending on each projects needs. These can range from vst presets to sfz samples to midi files. And I now am in the habbit of keeping most outtakes incase i need them back later on. Hd space is cheap.

Beerbong wouldnt the Pool command ‘Prepare archive’ do exactly that?

never worked for me…:frowning:

One major weakness of this file is that it only works if the automobile data set is already loaded. Real do files should load the data they work with and generally set up anything they need to run. That means the do file should include a use command, but where will it get the data from?

we suggest you make a directory for each project you’re working on and put all the data files, do files, log files and any other files relating to the project in that directory. When you run Stata, start by going to the directory of the project you want to work on using the cd command. That way do files can refer to data and log files simply by name, without having to specify a location, because all the files related to the project will be in the current working directory. If you later have to move the project (say, from Windows to Linux) you won’t have to change its do files at all, just the cd command you use to get to it.