Project & Midi Logical Editor access changes in V12 - why?!

Though I warmly welcome to new features that PLE and MLE have gained, I’m really puzzled by 2 changes:
1-renaming the main editor as ‘Setup…’ and moving it to a submenu
2-removing direct access from the Midi or Project menu to presets

First, setup is usually reserved for additional setup or preference features for a particular function, so this seems a bizarre UI decision. The first time I tried to access the PLE, I genuinely wondered where the actual Editor had moved to!
Why did it have to move to a sub menu?

But secondly, the choice to move all the presets off the menu and only make them accessible through the PLE or MLE editor and their preset managers breaks a whole lot of stuff - especially for people like myself who use additional programs such as Keyboard Maestro to map commands to Metagrid or other devices, like X-keys.

KM allows you to access any command that is accessible through a menu function - up until V11, this also included a raft of PLE and MLE commands.

I appreciate that this is tricky - because with the amount of presets one can create, this menu can also become an unholy mess of hundreds of presets, covering the entire screen.
But surely there has to be a better solution than this?

I agree that the submenus for the logical editors are a bit cumbersome and weird. I also don’t like that to even open the MIDI logical editor, you have to first select a midi event, else the command is greyed out. That is a bit silly.
I think the preset system is an improvement, though. You can call the preset dialog with a key command and then incrementally search for a preset. You can also assign key commands directly to logical editor presets.