Project -> note pad

Hello !

Cubase Pro 13
WIN 11

Upon typing text/lyrics in PROJECT → NOTEPAD
I am unable to COPY (in the main EDIT menu COPY is even greyout and CTRL-C doesn’t do anything)

This is SO weird !

Any input would be much appreciated.

It seems to be working normally here (on Windows). Make sure your Notepad Window has focus, because it needs that to work.

This Copy command is for items in the Project Window like MIDI Parts, Chord Events, Audio Events, etc. Select something in the Project Window and it should un-grey.

Thank you so much for your answer but I have to admit that I have no idea when you say “Make sure your Notepad Window has focus”… I am puzzled as to what that means.

Copy and paste works for everything EXCEPT for the text in the Cubase Notepad… so I cannot paste the text in SCORE.

If I select something in the project window it’s going to copy that item. NOT the text in the Cubase notepad.

Thanks again !!


It works as expected on my side on Mac.

Just select the text in the Notepad. Make sure, the Notepad is in focus (the selection is blue, not grey) and use Edit > Copry or Ctrl/Cmd+C.

As stated in my post I use WIN 11.

Pretty standard Windows jargon for the currently active or selected Window.

Yes this is true. But the command Edit>Copy only works for stuff in the Project Window. It will never copy text in the Notepad - never, ever, ever. So the reason your Copy Command is greyed out is entirely based on if you have any items Selected in the Project Window, and has nothing to do with the Notepad.

Martin and I are both suggesting the most likely cause of your problem is that your Notepad doesn’t have focus at the time you are trying to make your copy. If it does have focus then the standard Windows Commands ctrl+C, ctrl+V and ctrl+X should work fine, like they do for me.

Actually martin, this might be a different but real problem. I’m on Windows 10, Cubase 13.0.40 (not 41 yet) and the Notepad’s Title Bar remains grey both when it does & doesn’t have focus. Can someone else on Windows please confirm so it can be submitted as an issue.


What I’m pointing out is a purely a cosmetic issue and not related to your problem beyond making it harder to see if it has focus. If you click anywhere on the Notepad it will have focus despite the Title Bar not changing color.

Not true. Whether in focus or not the copy / paste is grey. Text is highlighted (blue) and copy / paste is grey. If I click on a midi section then copy / paste are functioning but I don’t want to copy MIDI I want to copy /paste text into SCORE → FUNCTION → LYRICS FROM CLIPBOARD.

Oh and if you try to open the WINDOWS SYSTEM built in note pad to do that - it was worth giving it a try - Cubase crashes immediately.

Now it seems like you are deliberately ignoring valuable information given to you.

Select the text in Cubase’s Notepad. Press Ctrl + C .
Does this not work?

I don’t have Cubase 13 to test on, but in Cubase 12 it works.

In 12, the Notepad window does not change color of the title bar when it looses focus either. This is also true for some other windows in Cubase, such as the Project Logical Editor for example.
I could be wrong, but I think those windows are created as “tool windows” (from the Windows API) and as such, their title bar does not change when loosing focus.

Weird behaviour: I write several lines in Notepad, select all with mouse, copy with ctrl+c, add text in Score editor, paste: it copies only the first line, I have to copy line by line.
That´s why I avoid using Notepad, it´s sh*t since ever…