Project Sample Rate vs File Sample Rate?

I am new to Nuendo, I got some problem here. on my previous DAW (Reaper, Studio One), Regardless my project sample rate (48k or 192k), when I drag in .wav a sample file with different sample rate (44.1k, 48k, 96k, 192k) it has no issue at all it just sound the same as original, no pitch, no time stretch. but in Nuendo, when I drag audio file that has different sample rate, it will just impact the audio to sound pitched down/ time stretched. Unless I check the sample rate conversion, but I wonder if after samplerate conversion, will it affect that audio track/sample file?
Did I miss something? Or shall I change any setting to make it accept the Sample file with different sameple rate and no quality impact?

on the attempt of importing audio that not matches the project sample rate you get asked what to do…
Choose convert…

What do you think your “other” DAWs are doing when you import files at different SRCs …? Luckily, Nuendo’s conversion is among the best in the business, nowadays.

Nuendo 11:

Reaper 6 - best quality:

More details and myriads of SRC tests here: →

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