I am having trouble with the project set up in cubase 8.5.10

I recently made some music in 44.1khz, and exported in 48khz ready from mastering as I always have. Anyway when I imported the audio back into a new project which I set the project set up to 48khz everything was fine and I was able to master to problems.

However now it seems when I go back to every other project which are set to 44.1khz there all play at a really quick pace, despite no change to tempo; the audio just sounds really pitched up and sped up. But when change the project set up to 48khz the audio corrects itself out back normal speed. This is really frustrating as it never happened before, and working in 48khz eats the CPU more, so I am unable to edit or work on previous projects which is now affecting work.

I have never had this issue until recently where I updated to the new cubase 8.5.10 update.

I have already tried refreshing the cubase settings back to factory default settings but that has not worked, and I have altered with the different settings available within the project set up itself and still nothing??

So… Any advice on how to correct this issue would be massively appreciated, as I know this is the forum where all the cubase masters and wizards are based, and I am hoping one of you can help :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance