Project Setup 32/192 and Rendering older Projects in 32/192?

I have a couple questions about 32/192 in Cubase and further discussion is accepted. I have older projects that have been exported with the “Project Setup” set to 24/96 and i was working with 16/44 loops then and while recording other parts in the projects with the project set to 24/96 and when exporting at 24/96 the songs sounded at normal speed. Now i just tried exporting a song i made with the “Project Setup” settings set to 32/192 while working with 16/44 loops with some parts recorded at 32/96 and render at 32/192 and the songs sound faster. Why? I want to be able to create more with these older 24/96 songs with the “Project Setup” set to 32/192, with the addition of higher quality effects, processing the older parts rendering at 32/192. When i open the 24/96 project and set the “Project Setup” to 32/192 i don’t know what step i should i take next.

Edit: I’m using a Line 6 UX1 Audio interface, if that helps you as well.

Because audio- and Hardware samplerate don’ t match.

That’s it, the UX1 won’t handle anything over 24/96.