Project Should Open To Last Cursor Position!

I dunno when this changed, but now when you open a CPR, the cursor is always at zero.


When a CPR opens, the cursor should always be at the point in the song where you left off.


I really do wish each project would be saved with “all” it’s own related attributes and settings. Including the cursor location.

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FYI… Just checked specifically for the last cursor position:

My projects will open with the cursor at it’s last position. I opened several projects, saved and closed them with the cursor at different positions. When I reopen them, (in any order) the cursor is where it was saved. Even after CB restart.

Not sure if this matters but my preference>general>open projects in last used view menu is set to “Always”.

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Lucky you. Never works like that for me. And it used to work as you experience.

Thanks, apparently:

"preference>general>open projects in last used view menu is set to “Always”

…does the trick.

HOWEVER, when I look in the operation manual, it says that this setting has something to do with Window Layouts. In fact, the manual doesn’t really explain what that checkbox does.

Which leads me to ANOTHER 20 year biatch… Documentation that gets a little worse with every update.

Ah… REMEMBER THE GOOD OL’ DAYS? Context Sensitive Help. Where most settings were actually -explained-.

Now? They don’t even bother.

And I’d settle for just a decent index!

why ?
takes one click to move to any other cursor position ,
Or you can save a marker.

Oh, maybe try disabling “return to zero at stop” maybe this will save the last position

Because if you have a 30 minute CPR it takes a long time to find just the right spot in a complex project.