Project starts filling all RAM until it crashes

Hi guys,

I have a project which uses about 2 out of my 24gbs of RAM. With Windows 10 and other processes that’s about 6/24 GB.
After about 5-10 mins, Cubase starts filling all memory with something (unknown), until it maxes out and crashes. It takes less than 1 minute to fill all RAM and crash.

I am using some VST plugins which were never problematic and some audio and video files. Even after freezing all VSTs the problem still occurs.
I wasn’t able to reproduce the specific problem to another project.

Is there any way I can see what’s the cause of this behavior? Or any way to get rid of it? It is crucial for me to continue working on the specific project and I cannot start from the beginning.


Sounds like a memory leak, either from a plugin or from the usage of video files.

Maybe you have the same problem as here

Thank you for your reply. It’s indeed the very same problem.

I just noticed that the problem starts happening while I work on a specific video file (It’s a MPEG 4, QuickTime AVC, 30 fps file)
It’s really weird since all video files in project are at the same format…

So, while all memory starts to fill, if you delete the video file from the project, memory in use stays (stops) at the same amount (it’s stagnant and does not get higher or lower).
If you drop the video file back to the project, then after a while it starts climbing again.