Project Structure VST 3 SDK


i just downloaded the VST3 SDK. After building the SDK it is not clear to me how to structure a project to build an own Plug-In.
What i could do: Add my project under public.sdk/samples/vst/ and add a corresponding CMakeLists.txt file. But rebuilding most of the SDK each time, does not seem to be the optimal solution.
Another thing would be to link my Project against the created lib files, but then i would not know how to generate the CFBundle.
Therefore i would appreciate any help or hints to create a template that does not depend on Xcode or Visual Studio to create an own project.

Thank you very much in advance.


Hi JeLoMa,
there is the “SMTG_MYPLUGINS_SRC_PATH” variable for cmake. There you can set a custom path to your plug-ins. If you have downloaded the SDK from the side then the variable is setup so that the plug-ins in the folder “my_plugins” are build. You just can copy one of the example plug-in folders (for example helloworld) and change the files accordingly.

I hope this helps,

I wrote a series of blog about starting up with vst and I also released an open source lightweight framework (called Jamba) which lets you create a blank plugin (outside the SDK!) with a simple command line It uses CMake (does not depend on XCode or Visual Studio). If you are familiar with other frameworks it is a little bit like create-rect-app or grails init (etc…) but for VST…