Project Template vs User Library

What is the difference between a Project Template (as created by File | Save As Project Template…) and a User Library (as created by Library | Export Library…)

What is the intended use case for each?

In particular, which is more appropriate for creating a House Style file?

What is the significance of the “.doricolib” file extension?

And finally, what is the file “userlibrary.xml” (mentioned in a number of messages here on this forum) and where does it live?



My understanding is that a template is just a preconfigured project with instruments/layout as you like it, whereas the Library would be used to export/import settings from one project to another (eg maybe a previous project?). This is how I use it anyway…

I’d say the template is what you’re after. It’s all ready to go. But if you have an old project, you could transfer your project settings from the new to the old and it will look pretty.

  • Factory default library = what Dorico ships with

  • User library = your own defaults, for all projects you start on your computer

  • Project template = settings within one project

(more or less)

You can use the Library Manager to transfer settings (aka “house styles”) between projects and between users in a variety of ways; you can compare a new project to an existing project file, and copy across that file’s settings, for instance.

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