Project Template

Hi. I have created some Project Templates that I do not want anymore due to them being updated. How can I remove them?
Is there a place where they are stored and I can delete the file somehow?


Did you try looking in the Operation Manual for “delete project template”? If you did, you’d see this:

Hi Daniel
Many thanks. I am suitably chastised.
I did have the operation manual open because I have spent the best part of an hour trying to remove a frame. I realised later that I had deleted some music on a template, and then on the part that I opened, there was a frame that said tacet and I could not delete the tacet. So I thought that I should just remove the frame but I could not do it. I deleted the flow at the bottom of the page from the drop down section and then the frame with Tacet in it disappeared. So the Tacet must have been the deleted flow? In order to avoid this in my next project I was going to delete the template that had this Tacet section in it. Hence my question about how to delete the wrong template. It all goes around and around but finally I get the result I wanted.
Many thanks for your help.
[And for arranging the payment problems I had in my last upgrade through turkey.]

Here’s some information about how tacets work:

If you don’t want to show a flow in a layout at all, you can remove the flow from the layout:

If you want to rename the Project Template files or copy them to another computer you can access them with a File Manager. In Windows you’ll find them in:

C:\Users\[name]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Dorico 4\Project Templates

Don’t know the path for Macs.

Hi Lillie.
i think that I followed your advice. I opened my project and deleted the flow 1 2 and 3 so I could just work on flow 4 which is now going to be a stand alone piece.
After writing this for about an hour, I tried the play back but nothing would play, the playhead would not move. Everything locked up and I had no choice but to close down. Now Dorico will not load. I get as far as a screen that says
Initializing playback controller.
Then after a while it closes if I try to do anything. So now I cannot load anything.
Any suggestions how to get Dorico to load again?
Maybe when i deleted the first 3 flows something was deleted that should not have been,


I closed everything down. Then restarted my MacBook pro. I loaded Dorico and it was very very slow to load but did get there eventually. Now when I press play. All the bars move up and down on the mixer, but i cannot get any sound out. I tried note performer and the dorico sounds. Through my Focusrite, and through my HDMI and through my built in laptop sounds. Nothing. Everything is moving but no sound.
Any suggestions anyone?


Another update.
A red box appeared on the right hand side of the page that I had never noticed before. It had several sliders and buttons on it. After experimentation, one of them turned the sounds back on. It has now disappeared so I am not sure what it was, but I am just glad that all the playback has returned to what it was before.

Thanks everyone.