project templates and how to save them

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Been scratching my head about the way Cubase saves all the files associated with a project. I’d like to be able to use an existing project as a template to work from, but save project and all the audio files, etc, in a new folder. When I save an existing project with a different file name and in a new folder, only the project file gets saved in that folder.

Is there any way of setting the project to save new files for the project in the new folder? At the moment, any new audio I record into the new project gets saved into the original location and associated pool of the template project.

While it might make sense to create a default template folder that opens on start-up and create a new project folder when prompted, I work in lots of different ways, depending on the project, so there’s no one obvious template to use. Makes more sense to me to pick a previous project I’ve worked on that has a similar modus operandi to the new project and save it and all it’s associated files to a new location.

Forgive me if I’ve missed an obvious answer in the manual, but I have looked… 'onest, gov!



To save an existing project or more correctly copy, use the backup project function in the file menu. You can the delete all audio files if you like and treat it as a new template with its own file path.

That was quick, but I was literally just about to post a note to that exact effect, having worked that out as a possible way! Just wondered if there was a way for files to save to the same folder location as the project file by default… but that way does the trick for sure!

Thanks anyway,

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Bump: To save as a project Template just go;
File->Save as Template

Next time you open up a new project it shows your template you saved