Project Tempo change

Is it really impossible to change the tempo of the project manually using the transport bar without all the audio stopping momentarily??? It seems like the only way is to use the tempo track and draw any changes in first but live real-time changes result in the audio cutting out briefly.

Is this normal behaviour? Do all DAW’s behave like this? If scrubbing is a feature I would have thought it should be possible to change the rate smoothly live. I could understand if it choked doing sudden jumps in bpm by large amounts but not being able to slowly increment the rate of the sequencer is a bit baffling. :unamused:

I know it doesn’t happen with my MPC’s sequencer - realtime tempo changes happen instantly without any loss in the audio stream. I can smoothly change the tempo of any synth or drum machine without it interrupting the audio playback. Why is this a problem for Cubase? Perhaps I am overlooking a setting somewhere?

Can anyone shine a light here? :slight_smile:

you can automate the value in the tempo-track, while you´re song is keep on playing. the best application of this is with a MIDI-Controller, and an adjustable fader or knob on this controller.

Thanks for the tip! I will give it a try - seems odd that you cannot adjust the tempo track value in the transport in realtime without gaps in the audio but that you can automate it in realtime via a Midi CC!? Oh well if it works then all is good - thanks once again! :smiley:

Bummer! I tried it but it doesn’t do realtime tempo adjustement. It is for recording tempo changes in realtime but you cannot hear the changes until after you have recorded them??? I love Cubase but why on earth it cannot let you change the tempo in realtime without stuttery audio is quite strange - all my hardware sequencers can do this. as can Live and others…

I really hope that Steinberg can include some kind of “live” mode that could allow you to do this at some point. It’s quite a basic function for any sequecer I would have thought.

Did you tried to change the MPEX 4-Algorithm for the Realtime Audio-processing?

No, I think the project is set to use the elastiqué pro algo! Maybe that is the key to this then. Do I need to change this just in the preferences or is there another setting somewhere?

I heard back from Max at ERM and he too says that he is able to make realtime tempo changes without problems too so it must be something I have set up incorrectly. Thank you once again Raz for the advice - going to try it asap :smiley:

So it turned out to be the timebase setting! I had the project transport set to bars/beats, any of the other choices such as seconds or samples let me adjust the tempo during playback without the stutter. At last!

Thanks raz, your advice did point me in the right direction :smiley: