project time offset

i am in a project at a particular time i.g.: 0:00:08.085
how can i quickly set that time spot to show as time 00:00:00:00 in the project?
it seems i can not copy the current time into the project setup dialog to get the desired Display Time Offset
when i do that this 0:00:08.085
becomes this: 0:08:02:25
any explanation?


sorry… double post…

Then why not delete the double?
As to your question: „set timecode at Cursor“

interesting. found the function under the Project menu.
doesn’t do anything here…???
putting “set timecode at Cursor” into help search online and the pdf manual = no results!!
i can approximate under display time offset manually what i want, but very clumsy procedure because i can not copy the cursor position into the dialog. to be more specific: it seems the time format in the transport bar has as the last 3 digits the ticks, while the last digits in the offset dialog are only 2 digits.

Possible, but then you are certainly doing something wrong

if i understand you right the following should happen:
my cursor is at position 2min 30sec in the project timeline. when applying “set timecode at Cursor” the timeline should be adjusted to time 0. befor the cursor position negative time values appear. is that correct?

If you set it to 00:00:00:00 then yes - what was 2min 30sec before will be 0min 00sec, and everything to the left has negative time. And project start time im project setup is adjusted accordingly.

got it. thanks svennilenni!