Project versions - multiple projects/cues in one Project file

This is a feature inspired by Digital Performer…

Essentially it’s to a project what trackversions are for tracks.

It allows you to keep multiple versions or cues in the same project file.
Each project versions uses the same or shared tracks and setups; changing a plugin setting or removing a track is reflected in all project versions.
Deleting a track that is in one version that has data on it will pull up an alert, stating that this track is used, allowing the user to decide to delete or cancel.
Adding a track will also add that track to the other versions.

Each project version is essentially a blank slate, or empty session with the same tracks and setup.
So essentially setup and settings are shared, but not the track data; each project version can have its own tempo, video and marker track, as well as midi and audio/instrument tracks - the setup of these however is shared.
If an instrument’s patch is changed in one setup, it will be changed in all setups.

This allows composers/editor to have multiple cues in one project file, with the same setup, without having to create or duplicate entire projects for each cue.

Switching between project versions should be instant, as no reloading or re-instancing should be required. User could have 2 or more project versions in separate windows open at the same time, and cut/copy/paste between them.
In additional feature would be to copy a track’s contents to a Trackversion in another Projectversion, allowing for easy copying between project versions without having to manually copy and paste.

Visually, Project versions could be tabs on top of the arrange window, or a drop down menu.
Alternatively it could be a similar setup to the Trackversions window, but in this case would reside in the Right Zone window pane (as a separate tab), and operate very similarly, with the same UI functionality.

+1 !!!