Project view+MixConsole channel of selected track in the right


Please find attached a screenshot of the workspace I am using:

This configuration consist in the project window and the MixConsole2 window. I use the MixConsole1 when I want to see all channels in full screen.

Also, I have configured arrows up and down to move the fader of the MixConsole2 like this (let’s call it Shortcut table):

Command + ArrowUp/Down = Fader up/down fast as shortcut is hold
Option + ArrowUp/Down = Fader up/down normal slow as shortcut is hold
Command + Alt + ArrowUp/Down very very slow as shortcut is hold

To configure the Shortcut table I have used an external software called ControllerMate and MacOS virtual Driver. All the shortcuts of Shortcut table are not saved in the KeyCommands window of Cubase.
Once I have added a new bus in MacOS virtual MIDI driver called “CM>Cubase”, Shortcuts of Shortcut table work like this:

Step1- When I press any of the combinations of the Shortcut table, ControllerMate starts sending midi cc message number 113 though CM>Cubase like this:

  • To increase volume: ControllerMate sends continuous progression of midi cc 113 from 1 to 2 (1,2,1,2,1,2,etc) as shortcut is hold (progression from 1 to 2 is sent at a faster or slower rate depending on the the modifyer key that has been pressed)

  • To decrease volume: ControllerMate sends continuous progression of midi cc 113 from 127 to 126 (127,126,127,126,etc) as shortcut is hold (progression from 127 to 126 is sent at a faster or slower rate depending on the the modifyer key that has been pressed)

Step 2- In Cubase, I create a generic remote device, selecting CM>Cubase for the MIDI Input. I leave the MIDI output in blank.
In the upper window of the generic remote device, I select the midi cc 113 with flags Receive and Relative
In the lower window of the generic remote device, I select the volume of mixConsole of the selected track without any flag

With the configuration I have explained previously, I can increase or decrease volume of the selected track with the shortcuts of shortcut table. It doesn’t matter if the focus is Project, Mix Console or any plugin.

This is a big improvement for me. Arrow up and down with modifiers let me increase/decrease volume at of the selected track at a different velocity, wherever the focus is, in any window, in any context.

As I feel it, it’s a big difference with the keycommands that Cubase is offering now. Keycommands of Cubase only decrease/increase volume with the selected track if MixConsole has the focus on the foreground. Even the option of the MIxConsole in the lower zone are not good enough for me, as you have to switch between project and mixconsole pressing tab key.

It means to have a LARGE fader in the right of the project window.
The key points of this large fader are:

  • as fader is large, you have more precission to increase/decrease volume with the mouse
  • as soon as you navigate up and down thorugh the tracks of the project window, the fader in the right changes to the selected track. It’s a different way to mix, more efficient, as you can navigate trough tracks up and down, and trough the project right and left (intro, verse, chorus, coda, ending, etc.) and change the volume at the same time.
    My proposal is to have this large fader INSIDE the project window, not in the right zone. In other words, if you are in the project window with this large fader and you press tab key, you don’t change the focus (this is useful if you have the Feature 1 of volume anywhere shortcuts)
    If you like the large fader idea, but you prefer to make it OUTSIDE the project window, as an added area, I would not include it in the current right zone (with VST, CR, etc) and make a new right area (let’s call it Large Fader Area).
    It’s important to have a fader from top to bottom of the screen (maximum height), but I would prefer to have it with minimum width.
    For achieving the maximum height, I would make a very small buttons for mute, solo, read, write , etc, and a smaller area for panorama.

If you don’t understand clearly this idea, I can make a fast video in youtube showing this configuration.

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But why don’t you use shift+mouse or shift+mousewheel for fine tuning the fader?
It does not even need to be that big then?

I prefer to use keyboard than using mouse or trackpad,

Using only keyboard accelerates the workflow, cause you don’t have to move the curor to a place, you just press a key and things happens.

Mouse or trackpad means to go to a place to do an action (move the cursor).

Keyboard just do the action, without doing any trip of cursor.

Interesting concept. I’d love to have a choice.
Just because it wasn’t mentioned in this thread: You know that you can open, and keep open, more than one inspector by holding Command / Strg., yes?

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Yes, thx :slightly_smiling_face: