Project view: no hover action in the track name

I would like to request to remove the hover reaction from the track name area, and move the popup menu (that is for the track version thing) from there to where it belongs, i.e. in the Inspector.

I have been very uncomfortable with the track name in the project view that is now hover-active and opens a menu for the track version if its sub area is clicked.
To begin with, I really don’t understand why the track version feature is so special and and has to be tied with the track name. We have a dedicated place for “Track Version” in the Inspector. Whenever I need to deal with the track version, I’m completely fine with going there and do the version specific stuff only from the Inspector.

I generally don’t like the hover-activated stuff in Cubase, like many fellow users here. I really don’t want to see the track name changing its shape looking like a button. And I don’t want a part of the track name reacts to the mouse click, and opens the track version menu. This especially gets in the way of the workflow when the track height is minimized and has small screen real estate to safely click.

Please remove this entirely, or at least make this hover-reaction / track version menu in the track name area configurable in the preferences.

Also I would cordially ask, in the future when features like this are introduced which could have a potential to interfere the existing workflow, please put these under preferences. I don’t want to see me hate new version of Cubase moving forward.