project will not open....

Almost. Last night I opened a project and walked away, then came back 15 minutes later only to find Cubase was stuck loading a mixer channel. So I forced it to shut down and tried again; the same thing happened. The 3rd time turned out to be a charm, fortunately. I rendered the vst instrument track that it seemed to be getting stuck on and it has opened successfully ever since - although it does take a minute or two. Previous to all this there had never been a problem.

Have any of you ever experienced this problem? Any solutions?

It’s a bit frightening to think that at some point Cubase might arbitrarily decide that it can no longer open a project.

I don’t know if it’s similar, but I also had a problem with opening a project.
It happened because I freezed a track, then saved the project, then unfreezed it and chose
not to keep the freeze-files, then quit Cubase without saving.
When I tried to open it Cubase crashed (I guess when it was searching for the freeze-files).

I had a backup and restored it.

It happens…not too frequently thankfully…usually finding the rogue plug and re-instantiating or replacing is the fix.
If I find one plug that does it a few times I’ll just ditch it and find an alternative.

You can usually find the crashed plug by renaming the plug in folder and creating a new one then introducing batches of plugs at a time. (Obviously opening the project after each batch is copied in)

Thanks for the replies!

Re-introducing the plug-ins seems like a great idea.