Project Window: dropping a MIDI file (from the File Browser) on an existing MIDI part

If I drop a MIDI file (from the File Browser) on a MIDI part, it gets placed underneath. Is there something I can do to change this behaviour? Thank You.

EDIT: A workaround would be to make a keyboard shortcut for the “Move to Back” command…


My expectation is, there is one more (hidden) track, what is a system track (tempo, signature track, etc.). This 1st track is placed to the track, where do you drop the MIDI File and then moved to the relevant tracks. Therefore MIDI Track 1 of your file doesn’t end up on the track, where do you place it.

Thank you for writing in my post!
By “underneath” I meant “in the back” (on the z axis, if it’s making any sense - depth -) and exactly on the track I’m dropping it.


Sorry for my poor English language.

So then you have to use the Edit > Move To > Front (Key Command U) function, right?

But I agree, it’s not logical.

Actually, I use “Edit > Move To > Back”, because when I drop the MIDI file, nothing gets automatically selected. So I move what’s on top of the dropped MIDI file.

Please don’t worry about your English. I always appreciate the interaction.