Project window jumping all over the shop

My project window is always maximised. What surprises me however is that when I hit F3 or F11 the project window shifts. When I hit F3 o3 F11 again it doesn’t shift back. I’d be grateful for an explanation.

There’s your problem. Never maximize the main project window. Just drag the edges as far as you can and leave it.

You should be able to find several other topics discussing this.

Yep - it’s annoying, but unfortunately you have to offer a chunk of your screen (for the taskbar) to prevent the project window resizing every time you open a window that cannot be configured as “always on top”. The only solution is to make your project window floating (thus no maximizing).

We can only hope this will be corrected in a future version of Cubase. Don’t have high hopes tough, because this behavior is present since I started using Cubase 4, and people have asked time and time again to correct this, but nothing is done about it…

That said - If you have a reasonable good resolution screen the lost of workspace is not too annoying.

Thanks very much guys, it seems to be a common problem.

I’ve never like the advice to not use maximized windows.

Most windows can be set to “always on top” (F4 - VST Connections for example)… Once you do this, they won’t cause the problem anymore.

Some windows can’t (F11 - VST Instrument Rack)… these will always be a problem. F5 - MediaBay is the most infuriating one. I want it open on my 2nd monitor. But, no dice. My monitors are different sizes. So I can’t even drag the entire Cubase window across the monitors … well I can but errr… So, the thing I want to drag from is over the top of the thing I want to drag to. I don’t know who came up with this brilliant strategy.

Anyhow, I prefer maximized windows, and the number of items that can’t be turned into “always on top” is small. Unfortunately, they are also windows you use regularly.

Use workspaces. There are a couple of things you can do to make it better …

#1 - maximize the project window, hit F11, now close the VST Rack. Size the project window as suggested earlier in the thread. Add a MIDI and Audio part and drag each editor to the full size. Do this and Save this as a Global workspace… I have this as alt+numpad 9 (ID 9). Now I can get all of the edit windows gathered at the correct stretched sizes in one go in every new project.

#2 - Create a maximized workspace just like the stretched one.

#3 - change the “unlock workspaces” hot key to something that you won’t identically do. alt+numpad 0 caused me problems as I was always unlocking my workspace and jacking it up.

Now you have two hot keys that will get your windows the way you want easily.