Project Window Key Command

So with the new windowing scheme you can now hide MixConsole and other objects which is -very- handy for working with external programs, eg. VSL, Hauptwerk, etc.

So there now needs to be a dedicated key command for show/hide of the Project Window. It should work -exactly- as do the kcs for MixConsole, Racks, Automation, VST Performance, etc.

It’s such an obvious thing, I gotta believe this was just an oversight.


Hi ,

I think the same we need a key to go to the project window, or should be able to make a shortcut ourselves,



I made a key command
in File - key commands - projects there is now a option - bring to front and I used the key ’
Typ in key the key you like and assign,

works fine,

ok see you,
regards Luc

There is nothing new about this key command. It has existed at the least since Cubase 7.0.



And how did -you-, pray tell, learn of its existence?

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I look through the key commands to learn what functions are available in the program.

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