Project Window Navigation Keys & shortcuts


I’m looking for a way to navigate the project window while I’m tracking. When I edit, I always use the Ctrl and Shift with the scroll wheel but I need a solution for when I’m tracking instruments. I know I can click and hold the scroll wheel and then drag but I’m looking for alternatives.

A track pad of track ball that would exclusively navigate the project window left and right and up and down easily. Arrows on the keyboard a jog wheel. I’m open to ideas but the goal is to be able very quickly position the project window when tracking with physical instruments that often results in one handed, awkward working positions.

Please share your thoughts



Shift + P and type the new cursor position.

Maybe my thread was not clear. If I had my two hands, I’d simply use the shift and scroll. My whole point is to find a way to navigate the project window while holding instruments with mics in place. Shift + P then type a position would break the workflow even more.

Anyone else has any good ideas?


I think I understand your use case. I can press Shift+P by one hand same as type a numbers.

Another idea: use iOS or HW controller.

How would ios or a hardware controller solf my problem? Is there a way to assign a controller to nudge the whole windows left and right? I am not talking about the cursor.

I did not quite understand what you were wanting either. Are you on a pc or mac?

So you want to move, or even slightly shift the entire project page? Is this because it hides something behind the project page? I assume you are using a single screen monitor?

There is no way (under Cubase) that i know of using a controller, key commands, or even the PLE to achieve this. You can minimize/maximize and set exact places for the different Cubase windows, but that’s not what I believe you want.

Moving, altering, or shifting the entire project page would be a Windows function, and there very well may be a Windows key command for that. I have never looked.

Apologies if I’m not understanding either. Maybe a screen shot would show your problem and what you want to achieve?

I do not want to move the entire Cubase windows. I want to be able to move navigate inside the project window using arrows for exemple. I guess I could use a more complexe mouse with additional buttons and assign one button to the shift key so I could then scroll through the project with only one hand.

Yeah, something external to Cubase is needed. Autohotkey is great, Bome Midi Translator pro is spectacular. You can configure a midi device to do anything, pretty much.

Thanks, I’ll look into that.