Project window scrolls to track with fader touch, MC Pro

Hey all -

Trying to switch prefs to keep this from happening, but not sure where the problem resides.

While mixing, when I touch a fader on the MC Pro to write automation, the project window automatically scrolls up or down to place the selected track (via touching the fader on MC Pro) in the vertical center of the project window, often scrolling my dialogue out of view. To scroll into view, I have to manually scroll the project window tracks back up AFTER I have engaged the fader DURING PLAYBACK so that I can bring my DIA back into view. Obviously this doesn’t work.

Looking in N6 prefs, I’ve selected and unselected various options regarding scrolling to channels, etc. with no luck. Have changed a few prefs on the MC Pro, but they don’t seem to be having the right effect either. Feeling like I’m missing something easy here, would appreciate any input.

Cheers all.

OS 10.7.4, N6.06

Could it be in the Automation Panel Preferences?
Open the Automation Panel and click the little box in the bottom left corner.
I think you might have “Reveal Parameter on Write” enabled.

When this is enabled, as soon as you write any automation, the track being written to will open and display the automation lane for that parameter. Scrolling/jumping away from the view you had.

This maybe your problem, it also might only happen with certain other preferences enabled.
The ones that deal with project and mix console scrolling behavior.

I could be totally wrong as well. Worth a shot.

I thought the Automation Panel might be the culprit as well, will take a look at that tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion Rotund.

The MC Pro has preferences to “Attention Selected Track”, etc. that are separate from the N6 prefs - I wonder if there is a conflict here?

My workaround is to start playback, touch + hold the fader (scrolls DIA out of view), then touch the fader of a track before or above the track I’m writing automation to - this scrolls that earlier track down to the center of the project window, bringing the DIA back into view. O_O