Project with multiple Sampler Tracks?

few questions about the sampler tracks :

  • Is it possible to assign the “MIDI Reset” button of a sampler track to an external MIDI Controller knob ?

  • In a song with multiple Sampler Tracks (all samples in One shot mode), Is there a way to have a global “MIDI reset” button ?
    (like pressing the “MIDI Reset” button of all the sampler track at the same time ?)

  • In a song with multiple Sampler Tracks, all my sampler tracks seems to receive all MIDI Channel notes even if the settings of the different sampler tracks are on different channels. Is it normal ?

Or tell me if it is possible to set a sampler track to react to just one note of the my keyboard and ignore the others notes ?
So I could play multiple sampler tracks with the same keyboard ?

Best regards

Hi @Arnaud_VIALA

… I am sorry. The MIDI Reset control is not exported as an automation parameter. So there is no chance to control it.

… no.

… the Sampler Track is listening to all channels. That’s correct.

I guess you are missing the MIDI-Range Control for the Sampler Track? Cubase has this

Screenshot 2023-01-03 at 09.44.13

For this Sampler Track only MIDI Notes from A2 to E3 are accepted.

And for that one only notes from C0 to A0 are accepted.

Is that the solution you are looking for?


Yes, thank you, this solution sound great to me… but the problem is that I have no virtual keyboard under my sampler and I can’t find the way to make appear it.
Could you tell me how to proceed to see it ?
Thank you

… the virtual keyboard it’s not available. We need to add it to the next update. We’ll keep you in the loop if the request will make it to the next update.


So, there no solution for the moment ?
Very Strange
I don’t know if it helps but when I open a sampler track in Nuendo th virtual keyboard is here

I mean… no solution to assign a sample to chosen notes in VST Live for the moment ?
Just to understand, is the virtual keyboard supposed to be here meaning I have a problem with my configuration or it never appear in the VST Live actual version ?

… sorry. That’s the point. We’ll try to add it for the next version. At the moment there is no workaround.