"Project Zone" Sticky Notes


I think it would be great to be able to add sticky notes right to the project zone to write important notes for reminders, track purposes, planning, ideas etc. I find that every time I work in Cubase, I always find a use for this, and I understand that we can write notes for the actual tracks themselves, but a sticky note right on the project zone would be much quicker for workflow.

It would be so handy and I think many of us could benefit from it, you could write on a sticky note like “ok, this part of the track will have modulation”, or, “starting here, I will introduce new exciting elements to the song”, etc. Also, the ability to drag and drop a sticky note at will wherever one desires would be immaculate. There are so many uses for this it’s unbelievable.

Right now to do something like this, I just create a blank audio track, rename the audio track as my quick note, draw the note where I want it, and rinse and repeat. It works somewhat ok, well sort of, but very limited obviously, and sticky notes would be far superior.

Has anyone ever used Adobe Acrobat Reader? You can right click anywhere and add a sticky note, so if you’re reading a book in PDF format, and you read something and say to yourself “Hey, this is great this idea leads to this and that” and you can write down on the sticky note additional information regarding to what you just read" such an incredible tool if you’re learning or doing research. Same thing can apply with the sticky note idea for Cubase. For those “Eureka” moments, you know?

Well, this is what markers are meant for. You can have multiple marker tracks as well, and there is also the Project Notepad in the Project menu.

yeah but you can’t add notes with the markers right to the project zone, they are used for marking locations on the grid, I can also do that like I said above by adding an empty audio track and adding a limited note in the tracks name.

I am also aware of the notepad, I already mentioned it in my post, “and I understand that we can write notes for the actual tracks themselves”, however, when you’re trying to work quickly, effectively so that it doesn’t put a damper on your creative efforts then constantly going back to the notepad in the inspector is a creativity buzzkill

What do you mean? You name the marker, that’s the note.

Yeah if you go into the edit menu, and add a description, but what I am talking about is something that is fast. I mean markers are okay, but then you have to add the marker track, add a marker, then go into edit, then add a description. By that time I could of made 10 sticky notes.

What I mean is this, right click project zone, and there would be a sticky note icon, and boom a sticky note is added then double click the sticky and write a quick note, and if you wanted to move it freely you could just click it, drag it and release and put it virtually anywhere without being stuck on one track

I do both markers and also the above, except I don’t use the Track Name for the note. Instead I make empty MIDI Parts and use their names which can show lots more text.

So I use Markers for short notes and MIDI Parts for longer ones - typically about something related to the timeline (e.g. fix that bad vocal). Project Notepad for anything about the overall Project, and Track Notes for track specific info.

Not really sure I understand how additional sticky notes would be faster. To use a Marker I have to create the Marker and then add text. To use the sticky wouldn’t I also need to create the sticky and then add text?