Projectfile Corrupt

After using 5.5 for a while it worked fine, but suddenly I got lots of crashes. Freeze, Lynx audio driver telling me there’s something serios wrong etc…

Opened it in 5.1 and no problem so far.

This has NEVER happened in 5.1 before and it worries me because I spend everyday working in Nuendo.

Lynx AES16
Intel i7 950
UAD2 quad

i’m confused. is the project file corrupted or not?

In Nuendo 5.5 it was corrupt causing many crashes, but when opening in 5.1 it worked without any problems.

i’m just trying to get the right terminology here. if it was corrupt it wouldn’t open at all. crashing doesn’t mean that the project is corrupt, just that something in your system (almost certainly a plugin) isn’t working with n5.5

Exactly. A corrupt project would not open in any version of Nuendo. I agree that it is almost certainly a plugin problem, although a N5.5 bug can’t be ruled out.

@the OP, have you sent crash logs to Steinberg?


Agree! Most likely a plugin working fine in N5.1 is now not working as it should in 5.5. No crashlog was created. N just freezed, and several times jus a loud noise came out of the soundcard…

Can’t remember this behaviour in 5.1 the last year at least…

I think that Nuendo should manage the corrupted projects and “crashing” projects better. It’s a long time problem. I have some sessions that crashes all time, others that crashes only on exit.

What’s the best way? I suggest a few:

  • A way to import tracks from a project without the open-export path. That method should “clean” the track imported.
  • A project cleaning option. This is the best way, an option to clean and check projects. Logic used to have it a long time ago, but I think it does it automatically now.
  • A better plugin handling, with protected memory for the plugins, better checking.

Nuendo is VERY stable now, but I think it needs to handle this due its orientation to big projects.