ProjectMix I/O and Mackie Control Extender!!!!

Hey yall! This is my first forum here so bare with me.
I have a ProjectMix I/O and a I5 quad 8Gb Mac Mini with
500 gb of HD space. I recent bought a Mackie Control Pro
Extender for extra faders and to test and see if ut would
work with the ProjectMix.

Well…it did! once i had it midi up with the Projectmix and
went into Device setup in Cubase 6. hit the plus sign and
Choose Mackie Control just like i did for the Projectmix. Then
i set up the Mackie Extender as as Projectmix external on the midi
in and out. When this was done, my faders jump and I hit “Bank”
on my ProjectMix and i was able to use my Mackie Control Extender
to add more faders to my hands on mixing experience. It worked with
no problem!!! They said this can’t be done because of the Mackie
Protocol but i tried it without using logical reasoning.
im going to purchase more to create a console.