projects become corrupted if cubase crashes

I think that a “save” in cubase is not really a true save… if cubase crashes or something your saved project will become corrupted… this happens to me very often

Is there a way to mitigate this risk other than renaming your projects all the time?

This only happened to me once (years ago). Did you tried to open the .bak file of your session to see if it works?

I think my problems are stemming from memory issues. (runtime errors etc)

is there some way I can get cubase to use memory better? increasing the page file doesn’t seem to do anything. does cubase load plugins that aren’t in use?

  1. how is it possible I end up with less physical memory (in task manager) after freezing a channel like halion one?

  2. just now I got a run time error with 900MB of available memory…