Projects do not open in Cubase 8 Pro

OK prior to the upgrade to 8.05 I was experiencing some issues opening up projects created within Pro 8.

  1. I open Cubase 8 Pro normal.
  2. I select my project from a or b (see pic)
  3. the project starts to load as normal see pic c.
  4. you see in the task bar the transport and the project. d.
    C & D.jpg
  5. when the project has loaded the VSTs there is nothing other than the program bar at the top and the transport.
    opened project.jpg
  6. I have rebooted in safe mode same issue
  7. I have even uninstalled and reinstalled.
    The issue appears to be intermittent.
    I would say this started around 07.01.15.

ok if I open a 2nd project and activate it the project I tried to open appears in the background at the bottom of the system tray. if I close that project I am asked if I want to activate my project which I do and I get access to my file.

now the file is 5.75 mb could this be the issue? in addition I am using garritan gpo4.

Your projects are opening fine…they are just opening with the arrange window minimized.

After it loads there should be a minimized arrange page on your windows task bar.