Projects from C5 to C6


Just a short simple post here but how do you transfer your C5 projects over to C6.5 to edit them there etc?



Aloha M,

Now that I have C5/6.5/7 installed on the same 'puter, all .cpr songs
if double cliked, will try to open in C7.

But if I open the C6.5 programme only and then navigate to a song done in C5,
it will (as thinkingcap posted) “open” just fine in C6.5.

HTH (hope this helps)


“Open” what and where?

Normally, I’m expecting to go on C6.5 File>Recent Projects and there the C5 projects would materialise on the drop-down? Am I missing a trick here?

Well, “File”->“open” - obviously.
Why should a project you had recently opened in C5 be in the C6 recent files list, or vice versa…?