Projects hang on loading for a particular Actions and Shortcuts scenario

Hi team,

from VL version 1.4.3 I found my projects hanging on loading: for reasons of time and before understanding the reason, I used version 1.4.1 which did not exhibit this behavior.

I think I now understand the reason for the hanging on the loading of my projects.

In the file shared below, there are two small projects that manage the Mute button of a Global Stack based on the content of a midi track, via Actions and Shortcuts: (19.5 KB)

The difference between the two projects is exclusively in the position of the first control change event of the state of the Mute button: in the project that does not hangs on loading, the first control event is positioned immediately after the start of the track, while in the project that hangs on the loading, the same event is positioned exactly at the beginning of the track.

I hope that, in loading the two projects, it will be possible for you to replicate exactly what happens to me.

I’m waiting for your feedback, thank you.

Thanks a lot for the project, we will check.

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You are correct, there is a bug which freezes the program if there is an event at the beginning. We will fix it for the next version. Thank you very much for reporting and providing the files, it helped a lot!

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Hi @musicullum,

great news, I’m waiting for the fix to be able to open my main projects again with the latest version of the software. :slight_smile:

Happy to have been of help, I thank you for the excellent support as always! :blush:

Btw the way it looks as though it only happens when Chase on Start is not activated, so that may serve as a workaround until then.

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Hi @musicullum,

while confirming that the test projects I had prepared are opened regularly with the new version 1.4.8, regardless of the Chase Event On Start preference setting, unfortunately I found that the hanging loading issue of my main projects is still present .

There must be some other special case involving the initial loading of midi messaging and this I believe is confirmed by the fact that the problem is circumvented when the Chase Event On Start preference is selected.

For a new analysis and definitive fix, I would suggest sending you the vlprj file and the midi folder (I tested, with only these two you can reproduce the issue) of one of my main projects, perhaps in PM.

What do you think about it?

Yes, pls send the project and we’ll look at it, thanks!

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Hi @musicullum,

I managed to create an ultra-small version of vlprj file, starting from one of my projects, but preserving the issue.

TEST_HANG_ON_LOAD (reduced).zip (376.1 KB)

I look forward to your feedback.

As always, thanks for the support.

I can load and start the project. However missing some plugins.
The debugger reports a MIDI overflow on the input, but that doesn’t make it hang.
At a first glance, you may have created a MIDI loop shortcut?

I guess we figured out the problem. The virtual audio device sends an allNotesOff message to all ports, which circulate when connected.
Pls check again with the next version, thanks for your help!

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Sorry, I didn’t think sufficiently about the fact that you couldn’t load the effects plugins.

I don’t know if it will help you confirm your assumption, but I’ll give you an additional version of the test project that does not contain plugins.

TEST_HANG_ON_LOAD (reduced) (373.9 KB)

Thanks again.

not necessary but thanks!

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Hi @musicullum,

I can confirm that the issue has been fixed with version 1.4.9. :slight_smile:

As always, thanks for the support! :blush: