Projects load slow, but after a few loads, speeds up

Since I first started using Cubase AI,
projects have always loaded slow at first, about two and a half minutes.
If I load and close a project about three or four times, that two and a half minute load time goes down to about 30 seconds load time.

I have tried turning off internet and other things, but no difference.
I am using a YAMAHA MODX and two third party VST plug ins, and three third party VST effects, that’s all.
All VSTs and VST effects, and CUBASE are all running at 64 bit.
When I tried CUBASE at 32 bit, it didn’t make a difference.
My computer is a SONY VAIO laptop from 2012 with 4GB RAM.
I thought perhaps it might be the low RAM, but I am not sure if that would gradually speed up project load times.

If anyone has any suggestions are info that might help solve this, I would be greatfull.


How was the test/process exactly, please?

Did you load the project, close it. Load it, close it, load it…? Or did you open other project in-between? Or did you make other tasks in-between?

If you just load-close-load, then the data was probably loaded to the memory, therefore the other starts were much faster, because the data were loaded from the memory, not from the disk. I would guess.

Hi Martin,
Thanks for the reply.

I just loaded the same project over and over without doing anything in between.
I never realized that it could be loading from memory and not the disk.

I just now tried to research how to load CUBASE projects from disk instead of memory, but I could not find info,
or I am not understanding the basics of how to.

My pc is showing CUBASE AI is installed in LOCAL DISK > PROGRAM FILES > STEINBERG.

My CUBASE projects are showing up in my external SSD drive under
Most of the hang time is the STEINBERG included HALion VST.


First of all, I’m not sure my theory is really a true.

If my theory is a true, then I’m afraid you cannot affect it. (OK, maybe there are some tools to do it, but I don’t think it makes sense.) This is how do computers work in general. When you use some data, the data is loaded from the disk to the RAM, which is faster (there is faster access to it). Thanks to this the application has faster access to the data in the memory, than the data loaded from (slower - especially HDDs) disk.

At the other, once you quit an application, it should clean up the data from the memory. So from this point of view, the next Cubase start should be with clean memory and the project load should take a long time, again. Which speaks against my theory.

After doing some research on how to improve pc performance,
I just did some additional housekeeping on my pc.
I had a lot of things going on in the background.
Also switched my pc to high performance in power settings.

My project load time went from about 2 and a half minutes down to about a minute on first load.
Every project load after that takes about 25 seconds or less.

I still have the load speed up thing, but STEINBERG support said it will do that normally.
Perhaps my old pc.
What support said, pretty much lines up with your theory.
There was some basic things on my end that my lack of knowledge was making my pc perform slowly.

Overall I am very happy with the improved load times.

If you work for STEINBERG, they should give you a raise.
You seem to be the only person on the forum that replies to questions.
If you don’t work for STEINBERG, they should put you on the payroll.

Many thanks Martin. :smiley:

I just read on the CUBASE AI about section of the software.
No wonder your the go to guy, you are one of the creators of CUBASE. :sunglasses:

Hi Guys, I have a pretty powerful PC DAW station, with 64GB ram, and very fast multicore AMD Threadripper CPU. But to load a bigger project - this takes like ages. If I reboot my PC… the loading of the project takes some time (like one, or two minutes), but on reruning Cubase11/Nuendo11, or loading the project again, this take ages (like 10-15 minutes) and very often the project crashes. I tried everything possible, but I cannot change this behavior (PC Power Options are set max with the Steinbergs power profile).
Is there anything new? Or something what I can do with that?
Thx a lot, Petr.