Projects not being saved properly in Nuendo. This is bad

Little point in writing to Steinberg so thought I would throw this out here.

For sometime I have opened up Nuendo projects and thought to my self ’ That’s funny, I am sure I edited that piece of audio’ and then thought I must be mistaken and then did the edit. Today, however, opened up my latest session and went to a section of the edit that I absolutely 100% know that I edited, my assistant confirms this, and the edit has NOT BEEN SAVED. This has been in the background for sometime now and has caused many problems in the past and now I have absolute irrefutable proof that Nuendo is not saving projects properly. Has anyone else had this problem? This is absolutely unacceptable that this can happen. I am not happy.

Maybe try to make automatic backups more frequent and next time it happens see if the backup contains the edit?

Also, is this happening only to projects where you saved and then immediately quit Nuendo after, or is after saving and then opening other projects/jobs? Just thinking out loud if it could have something to do with a poor shutdown interfering with saving or something like that.

I’d also look into drives and folders to verify permissions are good and drives are good.

Please post specs of your workstation (good to have in sig)…


A few questions:

  1. Which operating system?
  2. Which version of Nuendo?
  3. Your projects, where are they being saved?
  4. Are permissions for where your projects being saved set correctly?
  5. Does this loss of information only occur when you do a specific set of steps, like save / immediately quit Nuendo?
  6. Can you reproduce the exact steps taken when this happens?
  7. Does Nuendo ever crash?
  8. Are there specific third party or Steinberg plug ins being used in the sessions that are not saving properly?


It has happened within 20 odd years that Nuendo saved a corrupted npr.
Much less in the last 4 versions and always in conjunction with strange constellations, plugs or flawed delivered files. I can not recall an incident were Nuendo has not properly saved a npr of an otherwise orderly running project. This is strange…
Hope you find out…
Servus, Big K

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