Projects playback smoothly only on 2nd or 3rd time

When reopening a project especially the ones with lots of kontakts , the project only starts playing smoothly on second or third play. At first one it would play for few seconds and get muted and then will play again, so I always have to stop and start playing back the project form beginning again.


Wait until the whole sound library has been loaded. If this doesn’t help, increase your Audio Device Buffer Size, please.

Thank you. That was the reason. My Fault.

Your answers and contributions are so helpful. I am very thankful that you are part of this community here.
You and Greg Ondo are such a treasure!

Can you PM me a link to sign up for your paid courses if you have any.

actually this is still happening. not with Kontakt but with just audio tracks.

Also the tracks that don’t have midi data, when I go to that track and play a note, the audio sort of drops out for a split second and then begins to play smoothly after that.
How can I fix this ? What’s causing this ?

So this is still happening. Looks like Cubase ignores to load certain sounds at start, only until the play head reaches that point on timeline