projects take longer in C7 to load than in C6/6.5


Just recently I bought my Cubase 7 upgrade (coming form Cubase 6.5) and I have been using it for about a week now. So far I have to say it is absolutely GREAT ! Thank you Steinberg, this is a great piece of software.

one odd thing I noticed though is this: loading/opening a project in Cubase 7 takes much longer than in Cubase 6 / 6.5.
I’m not complaining but I found this to be odd, so I was wondering if this is normal or maybe there is something wring in my settings?

Did anybody else notice that opening a project takes longer in Cubase7?


Aloha S,

I use Cubase in a live setting every weekend
so loading and unloading song times
are critical to me.

I am in the process of moving/saving my 6.5 repertoire
in the C7 format.

Once done I’ll report back on loading times.

One thing I have noticed so far is while I cannot tell a real
difference loading steiny plugs like Halion Sonic or HSSE,
there does seem to be a lil bit o delay when loading
some 3rd party stuff like my NI and SampleTank plugs.

SampleTank is still 32 bit so there probably is
some ‘bridge’ work going on there slowing things.

I’ll know more soon.


Yes, I also load some 3rd party plug ins (Sample Tank bridges with jBridge being one of them),

To me the long loading times are not really a problem, I was just surprised to see that projects with the same plugins would load faster in Cubase 6 as they now do in Cubase 7.
Maybe there is a reason for this, or maybe I am doing something wrong.