Projects with Trillian and Omni don't open after sys restore

Recently tries doing system restore, only to roll back win7 back a few hours. the restore failed due to “microsoft c++ redistributable” couldn’t be overwritten, something like that.

Now when I try to pen C6 projects the “loading mixer” either gets stuck at “Trillian” or “Omnisphere” and doesn’t load…

I’ve tried deleting all C6 preferences, it didn’t help

finally after googling computer forums and trying different methods the method that worked was to create windows repair disc and boot from it and than select the restore from the image. Thank God I had system image backup. now just have to update my system a bit.
and the projexts weren’t loading becuase of Nexus not Omni or Trillian even thou Cubase was getting stuck at Omni or Trillian.