Projects won't open correctly

Hi there.
I’m completely new to Cubase 11. I come from a Mac, using Logic. I just got a new Lenovo Laptop 3 days ago, installed everything and recorded a few successful tests. Today, I recognised, that I had the option in Onedrive active, that moves everything from the documents and some data from the Appdata folder to the Onedrive cloud.
I deactivated the option directly, but unfortunately it doesn’t revert back automatically again, so I had to move the files manually back to where they originally were on the system drive.
The “Steinberg” and the “VSTi3” folders were the two folders of Cubase that I had to move back. The program starts without issues, but when I try to open a project from the "latest projects " menu, Cubase just starts an empty project. I can open the projects from the project folder itself. May some corrupted links (program thinks, files are still in the Onedrive directory instead of the local drive) cause this behaviour, and could this whole desaster possibly cause some more trouble?
Thx a lot in advance for your input.

sounds like you just need to redirect Cubase to the correct location on your drive.

take a look in the pool (ctrl + p) and redirect the path’s from there

The problem with one drive is it makes a different location for windows desktop compared to the regular path to windows desktop.

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Thanks a lot, I’ll give that a try! But I’m pretty sure, that will solve the issue. Kind of same happened with Lightroom, I had to redirect it to tbe correct catalog place. I’m pretty new to the Win PC game, having used Macs for years for my creative work. This Onedrive issue really annoyed me, but I’m glad I got this sorted out.
Jut another quick question about power saving plans:
I have a new Lenovo laptop with i7 processor, 16GB ram, 512 GB SSD, 2TB external USB 3 drive for recording, and a UMC 404HD USB interface by Behringer with its latest ASIO driver.
When running the laptop in balanced mode, 256 ASIO buffer size will do (around 10ms input and 8ms output latency), anything below leads to slight clicking and popping noises on the audio tracks. When running the laptop in high power setting, buffer size 64 brings the slightest occasional clicks, and 128 runs super stable and clean with 5ms input and 4ms output latency. Is this a normal behaviour, and is it causing any issues with the PC, being run in high power mode for longer periods? Never had to care about such settings on my Mac, so sorry for asking noobish questions.
Thx again in advance for any input.

it is normal for the power schemes. Laptops like to save power so they can boost their battery life, but this can (and most likely) will cause larger latency. These power savings basically told make your computer not use its max speeds.

There is even a Steinberg power scheme inside Cubase which you can activate in settings. I would recommend trying the Ultimate power scheme if you always run with a charger plugged in. Try to google “Enable Ultimate Performance Mode in Windows 10” to learn more about that, maybe you can get an even lower latency

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Thx a lot!
I’m a bass player, mostly recording bass and guitars, most of the time using the direct monitoring, as I’m pretty sensitive when it comes to latency. What would you consider being good latency figures with my laptop and the UM 404HD?
i7 10750
GTX 1660ti
512 GB SSD
2TB USB 3 external drive