projects work then suddenly won't load?

I don’t like to rant by why does this always happen to me, I’m quite happily working on a project I save it, then when I come back to it all of a sudden the project will crash on loading. it reports a certain plugin problem that has never given me any issues before. in this current case a synth that has been on an instrument track for days untouched, no extra plugins loaded on it, no updates. just all of a sudden I can not load the project anymore unless I remove the vst synth.

does anyone else get this random problem?
I did notice when I last worked on the track I was getting some high cpu usage, trouble is cubase for some reason can not tell me what track/channel or plugin is causing a cpu usage. cubase can do some extraordinary things but for some reason can’t show you some as simple as CPU usage!


Is it any specific VSTi (always the same)?

Hi Martin
last time it was a effect plugin, this time a synth plugin, projects works Fien for hours then


Sometimes it helps to remove the plug-in from the folder, so Cubase doesn’t load it. Then open the project, save it with the missing plug-in. Then put the plug-in back to the folder, start Cubase and load the project again.

I would like to investigate more on this, because this happens time to time to some users. But I haven’t met it so far.

Hey keltech,

I recently had the same issue and it was due to one of the nodes in a synth slot becoming corrupted causing the project size to eventually balloon up to a size that’s too large to load based on whatever 32 bit limitations Cubase has. You could look at the steps I used to debug and fix that problem: