Prologue cutoff value and cc value

I am looking to automate the cutoff value, however, I discovered that prologue has 200 cutoff values. When automating with a continuos controller one only has a maximum of 127 whole number values to choose from. If one were to divide the allotted 127 cc values by prologue’s 200 cutoff values one would be left with a rational number of 0.635. Meaning that multiple prologue cutoff values would fall within the range of 1 cc value. Is there a way to adjust the maximum cc value to a number higher than 127?

I think I read about one of the MIDI inserts that does something like this. I am at work so can’t confirm.
MID Transformer or something?


Thank you for the response. If you could confirm when you get a chance I’d really appreciate.



Yes. The MIDI insert, Transformer should be able to do this in real time or the Logical editor can do it after the fact. Of courrse, you can control the parameter with an automation track but if you want to control it while you play then the CC should work.

You can have it filter for the CC, multiply it by 1.57, then round to the nearest integer.