Prologue LFO sync mode (free running?)

According to the plug-in reference for Cubase 6, there are 4 sync modes for Prologue: part, midi, voice, and key. I am looking for a free-running LFO mode, so that no matter what keys are pressed, the LFO’s effect on a parameter (cut-off, pitch, etc) will be identical for all keys pressed. According to the manual, this can be done with “part” mode. However, no matter what mode I put it in, the LFO is at a different phase for each voice that gets played. For example, if I use one oscillator with a sawtooth, pull back the filter cutoff to half, set the LFO mod dest to cutoff cranked to 99, set depth to 100, speed to ~2.000, and set the sync mode to part, two simultaneous notes that are hit a fraction of a second apart will create two distinctly separate cycles of the LFO

Is this expected behavior?


I’ve asked a similar-ish question about prologue many moons ago and the basic upshot is that yes prologue’s
LFO’s do sync in time which ever way, part, midi or otherwise you want them, but the phase part of the LFO
has a random mind of it’s own. It’s a real pity I know, because it really does sound good, but in this day and age,
c’mon phase retriger ing and manipulation is essential, and something crucial the Prologue programmers overlooked.
Well methinks anyway !