Prologue, Spector and Mystic. Do they suck?

Hello friends,

I´ve been a Cubase user since version 5, and I´ve never found any useful application for these 3 siblings: Prologue, Spector and Mystic.

How are these instruments good?
What are their individual specialties?
What features make each of them unique?
Why would you use either of them, instead of Retrologue?

Because, I have tried to use them, and this is what I´ve found:

Their presets sound generic, fake and old.
Their user manual doesn’t really explain their signal flow clearly or how their weird interface works.

So if i offended anybody, and I’m terribly mistaken, please enlighten me.

Why are these instruments included in Cubase Pro? Are they any good?

Probably for compatibility sake with older versions. Logic also has this, some old synths that were OK once and are still included.

No, they don’t suck.

Thanks guys! Do elaborate please! I want to be convinced!! :slight_smile:

These three synths used to be one single plug-in. Steinberg sold it under the name Dcota. At some point, It was split into the three synths we now know as Prologue,Spector and Mystic. Reading this should give some insight into the functionality of the individual plug-ins that may not be be so obvious in the current manuals:

The advantage Dcota had was that all three could be used within one convenient unit. With a little experimentation with the factory presets, you’ll discover that quite a lot of interesting sounds can be generated from these three, in spite of their age. I wouldn’t say they suck in the right hands.

They all seem to be VERY similar.
it seems like its ONE plug-in which has been divided into THREE

I’m new to this, but 30 mins playing around with Spector, Prologue and Mystic seems like they are pretty much the same.

In addition to the link Weasel posted:

Wow, thanks Steve. I am writing a course that delves into every native plugin within Cubase. This is very helpful.

YES. :sunglasses:

okay, that´s the only problem… :wink:

But I higly recommend own sounddesign with this great synths!

with Mystic I’ve made sounds that remind me of Abynth (!) e.g.
I´ve screwed hundreds of sounds with Prologue.
I´m a big Fan of it´s distortion and S/R effecs.

absolutely, these synths are still outstanding today.


Woooow really!!!???

Do you have any presets that you could pass on, or any pointers on how to obtain these unique sounds?